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Amravati - The city of blooming summers adn readiant winters in the morning mist, a city with rich past, a glorious halo to its present entity and a promising future a city which has the feel of the hurl and swril of any metroplois and a laid back charm of a suburb ensconced in the heart of such a city, close to happening center, yet tucked away nicely stands the magnanimous embalming edifice of Reform Club a home away from home.Reform Club cooconed in a world of dream and verdure, Reform Club with its casual, sprawling self beckons your to experience the bliss under to retreat. Every corner is like a breath of fresh air revitalising you. The soft touch of grass, the cool breeze caressing your cheeks, the warmth of the rooms, the romance of the night by the terrace-you feel like you are treading on heaven in Earth.

Everyone has a dream but there are few who realize it. A stay at reform club enable a dream coveted, realised at Reforms Club and cherished in the years to come.

The club has special emphasis on entertainment programmes, especially those aimed at encouraging full participationby members and their families.

About Club

Reforms Club came into existance in the year 1902. The Club is one of the oldest and premise social club of Amravati, where business and leisure find a common base under the ambience of old English culturemixed with India heritage. The more than a century old club, has gone through constant transition maintianing the tradition and trend of the generation without diluting the original old world charm.

Today the club offers all the faclities of the top of the range Club- from leisure activities to meeting hall, Rummy room, a Bridge room, Billiards table, two tennis courts, a swimming pool, a dining hall.and a Family lounge. Open air as well as Classy Bars and proposed library and reading room making it an ideal gateway for the members and their guests. It is cosmopolitan of convictions, yet genuinely respectful of traditions of different ethnic groups. One clearly notices and feels an enviable confluence of different cultures in this club.


Reforms Club, Amravati.


Restaurant and Bar

Food at Reform brings you the most aromatic and mouth watering dishes imaginable from all over India catering South Indian, Chinese and Punjabi Cuisine. A garden restaurant in the natures bossom adds to panoramic vista of Reform Club. Club also offers well equipped, well-stocked bars, 2 dinning rooms, plus an open air lawn side Barbecue.

Indian Tandoori with Bar: For those nostalgic moments and when you sit back and reminisce the days of yore, the bar is right place with right service and right ambience.

Swimming Pool

Ever saw the sun in ist full vibrance? Bask by the poolside at Reform Club and see the clue waters glittering like pricless gems and the moon quivering on the same at night sending you to ecstasies. It is one up above others for its one without treacherous corners. The swimming pool has comfortable dimensions for enthusiastic swimmers. The pool is well maintained by a trained staff.

Party Lawn

The plush green lawns of Reforms Club extending like an uninterrupted of rich and lustrous velvet and in true sense, the nerve center of the activities of the club.

Marriages, Carnivals, bashes, fests the lawn speaks for all of them, the landmark in the row of successfulbeing the Kojagiri, Dandiya Nights, Gazals Maifils, New Year Eve.


A home away from home, thats what we had in mind when we designed our rooms. The club provide its members and their guests with AC and Non AC rooms replete with amenities. Come spend some time with us and notice the difference.


For the sprightlier realms of your mind, is a choice of game which provide you with games likeTable Tennis, Billards, Carrom, Chess, Badminton.


After putting long hours in their offices our members need to unwind a bit. The rior includesa soothing feeling, far from the maddening crowd.

Other facilities

As the number of members affiliated to the club increased the manifold, a pressing need was felt to improve upon the basic amenities offered. To fulfill this need the club now providesvarious facilities. The club offers facilities to hold Banquets, Business, Meetings & Seminars, Personal and Social Receptions.

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